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Save money with our convenient Starter Kits and added benefits they include.

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Increase focus on your core business with our innovative services.

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Reduce up to 100% of your bedding waste through our Upcycling system.

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At Starter Kit, we believe in improving tenants' experience by providing tools to housing organizations for them to focus on what they do best. We do this by making the move-in & out experience as efficient, smooth and environmentally friendly as possible.

In essence, we bring the solution that gets you to where you want to be tomorrow.

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Is your organization at risk due to the COVID-19 disruptions?
Are you unsure if you'll have tenants next semester?

Starter Kit could be the solution for you.



Save time while improving the student experience with a selection of items for the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and more.
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student residence starter kit


Remove operational headaches when tenants move in or out.

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student residence starter kit


Drastically reducing waste with a simple, sustainable solution.

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student residence starter kit


High quality customer service to alleviate your inbox and have happy students.

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student residence starter kit

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