Relax & Move in Comfy.

Essential kits for your Room, Bathroom, Kitchen and more!

Did you know?

"Getting all the same quality items individually at HEMA or IKEA will cost you on average €30 more, with no benefits, no convenience, no student customer service...

Time to make the right choice, click below and see our 100% Ready Kit!


Why a Starter Kit?

Keep calm & Move in comfy

It could not be easier, really

Brilliant, unbeatable price!

Just looking for a few things?

Relax, we have you covered! Starter Kit also has individual sets (room, kitchen and more). Take also a look at our add-on items to personalize your order!

Nothing is free in life... except for the Starter Kit Benefits!

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How it works?

We deliver directly to your address (in the Netherlands) within 72 hours!

Do you want your order to arrive on the same day as you?

With Starter Kit you can schedule your delivery date at checkout and we will deliver it to your address on the day you want!

You do not know your future address in the Netherlands yet?

If you do not know your address yet, we have you covered. Order your kit and we will reserve it until confirmation of your new address!

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"When I moved from Germany to Amsterdam the starter kit helped me a lot!

You have all essential things for your room from day one and don’t have to worry about anything."

Frederik S. (Student)

"Great customer service and the items arrived on the promised day at my daughter's apartment. Very impressed with the quality of the bedding!"

- Marion K. (Parent)

"Our university sent us an email about the Starter Kit and I figured it would be convenient. Turned out I had everything I needed and didn't even have to go to IKEA or something like that."

-Victor B. (Student)

"Overall I was very satisfied with Starter Kit. Very easy and convenient for international students."

-Anonymous Student

About us

about us

Student Support Team

Our Team is available 24/7 to answer your questions. 

Contact us via email, or click on the messenger chat on the bottom right to chat with us live. 
You can also consult our F.A.Q!

If you are not comfortable with English our Student Support Team can assist you in Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Russian, Hungarian, Polish, Korean, Mandarin, and, Japanese.

Our Partners

Starter Kit is proud to have partnerships with student organizations, universities, and partner shops! All of us have the common goal to help students, do you share that goal?

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